Security State Bank, founded in 1903, is one of the oldest independent commercial banks in the state. The Wright Brothers flight, Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle, Ford Motor Company’s appearance, and the invention of Hot Fudge Sundaes are just some of the events that coincided with the charter of Security State Bank.

The bank was incorporated in 1903 with a capitalization of $15,000. Original incorporators were C.W. Long, W.D. Richardson, J.W. Reynolds, E.P. Churchill, and Arthur S. Cory. Three of the key men who guided the growth of the bank through most of its history were John Alexander, Sr; J.T. Alexander, a brother; and William M. Luebke, who was J.T. Alexander’s son-in-law. John W. Alexander, Sr. was president from 1910 until his death in 1964 at 82 years of age. J.T. Alexander joined the bank in 1913 and was vice president until his death in 1962 at 94 years of age. Luebke came to the bank in 1927 and served as executive vice president, bank manager, and was a member of the board of directors when he died in 1962.

Since 1910, only four individuals have served as President of Security State Bank, which speaks to the consistency and stability of the management of the bank. John Alexander, Sr. was President from 1910-1964, Paul Schwedler from 1964-1974, and John Alexander, Jr., who is now Chairman of the Board, from 1974-2001. Dwayne Aberle is our current President and CEO, elected in July 2001.

Since 1903, Security State Bank has adhered to the fact that it is a local institution with a charter that establishes its head office in Lewis County. Today, with assets of $688 million, we continue to serve the communities of Lewis, southern Thurston, Pacific and Grays Harbor counties from eleven convenient branch locations in Centralia, Chehalis, Morton, Rochester, Pe Ell, Raymond, South Bend and Grayland. The bank enjoys a stable, highly qualified work force, with in depth knowledge of the dynamics of the local economy.

Security State Bank has served this area for over 119 years, and on behalf of our Directors, Officers and Staff, we would like to thank our loyal customers for their many years of support that has brought us this considerable distance. It is the intention of Security State Bank to continue to serve its communities as a locally owned, independent community bank for many more years to come.