Personal Online Banking Important Information


The First Time You Log in after 3/9/2020

From our website ( home page, select Personal Online Login from the Online Banking box.
• Access ID: you will use your current Access ID (using all lower case characters). If your current Access ID is less than six characters, you will be prompted to choose a new Access ID.  If your current login is an account number, all 10 digits of the account number will need to be entered.
• Password: please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-242-2036 for your temporary password.  After logging in, you will be prompted to choose a new password.
• Terms & Conditions: you will be asked to read and approve the new Online Banking Terms & Conditions the first time you login.
• Accounts: all accounts that you are a first, second, or third signer on will show in Online Banking.
• Please review your account information and let us know as soon as possible if you have any questions.

New Features
• Everything at a Glance: the new Home Screen gives you an at-a-glance view of all your accounts and their current balances with one-click access to transfer funds between your accounts or view recent transactions. If you have Bill Pay, it is also displayed on the new Home Screen.
• Live Chat: you will have the option to Live Chat with a Security State Bank representative during normal business hours by choosing Chat in the upper right hand corner after logging in.
• Enhanced Alerts: you will have the option to choose from several account notification alerts that can be delivered by email or text. These alerts will be sent in real-time.

Important Changes
• E-Statements: if you are an E-Statement customer, your statements will now be found under Documents. If you are not an E-Statement user but would like to sign up, follow the prompts to enroll.

Click on the applicable Account.  Click on the DOCUMENTS tab.  From the Document Type drop-down, select Checking eStatements or Savings eStatements, and click on the current month’s statement. 

For statements prior to March 2020, choose DDA/SAV Account Statements from the drop-down menu. These statements do not include the Bank logo or images.  If you need a print-out of these statements with the Bank logo, please contact any of our braches or call us at 1-800-242-2036. 

• External Transfers: any External Transfers (transfers to external financial institutions) that were set-up in the previous Online Banking will not be available in the new Online Banking. Once you log in to the new Online Banking, you can set up your External Transfers.

• Deposit-Only Accounts: this feature is no longer available. We have an alternative solution for these types of transfers using Bill Pay.  Please contact us if you would like more information on how this would work.

• Credit Cards: Credit Card information will no longer be available within Online Banking; however it is available at and we have included a Credit Card tab on the menu bar for easy access.  If you need assistance registering your credit card at, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-242-2036.

Quicken Users
As Security State Bank completes is change to the new Online Banking, Quicken settings will need to be modified to ensure the smooth transition of your data.  Please click the Quicken & Quickbook Users-Important Information link on the Customer Education Center page for instructions.