Let us show you why Security State Bank is “The Bank for Business!”

At Security State Bank, our business is helping your business succeed.  We have the resources to help your business grow, and can customize them to fit the needs of your business. We offer the creativity and flexibility that only a local community bank can provide. 

Security State Bank has a variety of deposit account options to fit your business needs.  For more information, please see a customer service representative at any of our branch locations or telephone us at 360-736-0763 or toll free at 800-242-2036.

Basic Business Checking

Basic Business Checking is an account for customers with low transaction volumes: less than 100 items deposited and less than 100 checks written per monthly cycle.  There is no monthly service charge on this account. E-Statements are required on this account*.

If more than 100 items are deposited or more than 100 checks are written per monthly cycle, the following per item fees will apply:

  • Checks written over 100 per monthly cycle .20 per item
  • Items deposited over 100 per monthly cycle  .05 per item

*Customer must enroll in E-Statements within first 30 days of account opening or account converts to Business Checking – Regular with applicable fees and service charges.

Business Checking – Regular

A business account for customers with higher transaction volumes.  Monthly service charges are based on activity and balances maintained.

  • $10.00 Service Charge Per Month
  • .12 Per Debit Posted
  • .13 Per Deposit Posted
  • .60 Currency Per $1,000
  • .06 Coin Per Roll
  • .05 Foreign Items Deposited
  • .00 Security State Bank Items Deposited

Businesses receive an Earnings Credit of .12 per $100.00 on monthly average balance maintained.

Business Checking – Interest Bearing

If you are a sole-proprietorship, a Business Checking – Interest Bearing account is available. The Business Checking – Regular  service charges apply, except the earnings credit on the monthly average balance is replaced by interest, calculated daily and paid monthly.

Organization Checking

Organization Checking is an account available for small, low activity non-profit organizations.  There is no monthly service charge.

Organization Checking Interest Bearing Account

An interest bearing account available for non-profit clubs, churches and organizations. The service charge is $8.00 per month if the balance falls below $1,000.00 any day of the monthly statement cycle.  A per check fee of .20 is also charged for checks paid out of this account in excess of 30 during the monthly statement cycle.

Savings, Money Market Accounts, and Certificates of Deposit

Security State Bank offers a variety of products to help your Business or Organization save for the future. We offer savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.  Please see a customer service representative at any of our branches for more information.