Our convenient, flexible Visa® Business Credit Card is accepted at thousands of locations worldwide for just about any type of purchase you can dream up.


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Business Visa®

Make your new Visa® Business your constant traveling companion and you’ll always have instant credit at your fingertips. 

Businesses can have multiple cardholders on the account

The business applies for a credit amount.  The credit limit can be tailored from that amount to meet the needs of each cardholder within a business, with the minimum limit for each cardholder of $1,000.

For example:  Business applies for a credit amount of $5,000.  Employee A has a card with a $2,500 limit, Employee B has a $1,500 limit, and Employee C has a $1,000 limit.

Access Business Visa Statements at MyCardStatement.com

A business can access all cardholder statements at MyCardStatement.com.  

Automatic monthly payments can be set up for convenience

Automatic payments can be set up through ACH with various payment options:  fixed amount, full balance, minimum required payment, percent of balance.


Apply today by stopping by any of our branches to complete our Business Credit Card Application or call us at 360-736-0763 or 800-242-2036 for more information.


For Access to your Business VISA statements go to MYCARDSTATEMENT.COM