It’s all about finding the right loan for you!

Security State Mortgage is the premiere source for all of your mortgage lending needs.  We are full service specializing in Conventional, VA, FHA, USDA and Jumbo residential mortgages.

There are several mortgage options available, and comparing them all can be confusing.  We take the time to carefully listen to you and understand your goals, and then provide an insiders approach to helping you find the right loan.

  • Home Purchase Loans – We offer low to no down payment loan options including: Conventional options with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), FHA, VA and USDA insured loans.  We can help you find a loan that fits your budget.
  • Construction Loans – If you’re looking to build your dream home, or remodel your existing home, we’ll help you lay the strongest financial foundation possible.  We specialize in construction lending and will help to make the process smooth from beginning to end.
  • Refinance Loans – Whether you are looking to lower your current rate, shorten your loan term, or pull cash out, we have a loan program to fit the bill.  We offer a wide variety of loans, both fixed and adjustable rate, and our mortgage experts will help you find the best solution to help you meet your financial goals.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with the financing of your home.  Please contact us for an appointment or for more information.

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Select A Mortgage Loan To Fit Your Financial Situation.

Before you apply for your mortgage loan, you’ll need to decide which type of loan may be right for you.

  • Conventional Loans have a fixed rate and monthly payment for the entire life of the loan. It’s easy to budget for this type of loan because your payment will always be the same. The rate on a conventional mortgage loan is generally higher than an adjustable rate mortgage.
  • Adjustable Rate Loans usually start with lower rates than conventional loans. We’ll let you know how much the rate can be adjusted over the life of the loan, so you’ll know from the beginning the absolute maximum amount you would ever have to pay. If you will be moving in a few years, or if you think interest rates will be going down, you’ll want to consider an adjustable rate since monthly payments may be lower.
  • FHA Loans offer lower interest rates, require a relatively small down payment, and are insured through the Federal Housing Administration.

Once you know approximately how much home is in your price range, use the guide below or our convenient Mortgage Loan Calculator to estimate your monthly payments based on the principal and interest. Closing costs are normally paid in a lump sum at the time you take out the loan. Other annual costs such as taxes, insurance and mortgage life insurance are also not included on the chart, but may be added to your monthly payments.


Mortgage Amount4% APR5% APR6% APR7% APR
$60,000 $286$322$360$399
$80,000 $382$429$480$532
$100,000 $477$537$600$665
$120,000 $573$644$719$798
$140,000 $668$751$839$931
$160,000 $764$859$959$1,064
$180,000 $859$966$1,079 $1,198
$200,000 $955$1,074 $1,199 $1,331

The above rates are for illustrative purposes only. They are based on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) indicated for principal and simple interest with a term of 30 years. We offer a variety of mortgage plans.


Is Refinancing Right For You?

Generally, it’s a good idea for you to consider refinancing whenever the interest rate for mortgages is more than two percentage points below your present mortgage. For more details, speak to our mortgage loan expert at 360.807.2310 or toll-free at 877.262.5104.