Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I contact for help with Mobile Banking?

Security State Bank’s Customer Care Center at 800.242.2036 or visit any of our branches.


Is Mobile Banking secure?  

Mobile Banking communicates securely with Security State Bank’s server via our service provider. Your account information accessed by Mobile Banking is protected the same way it is with Online Banking:  our authentication process includes your Mobile ID (Username), Password, and Challenge Questions. For added protection, we recommend locking your mobile device when not in use.  


Is there a fee to use Mobile Banking?

Security State Bank does not charge a fee to use Mobile Banking. However, your mobile service provider may charge for text messaging and/or web access or other fees.


Is enrollment in Online Banking required to use Mobile Banking?

Yes. Mobile Banking is a companion service of our Online Banking product.  You will only be able to perform certain functions in Online Banking, such as Adding a Bill Payee, viewing your e-Statement or viewing your Credit Card information.


How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

First you must be a Security State Bank account holder and Online Banking user. Login to Online Banking, choose Mobile Banking and enter the required information.  For more information visit our Mobile Banking page:

Mobile Banking page


Is Mobile Banking available for both personal and business account holders?

Mobile Banking is only available for personal account holders at this time.


I don’t have an iPhone or Android device. Can I still use Mobile Banking? 

If your mobile device has SMS text messaging you can use the text messaging option.


Does Mobile Banking work on all mobile devices?   

Your mobile device must have SMS text messaging and/or a web enabled browser. To use the Mobile App, you must have a valid Apple or Android device.


Can I use the same Login ID (Username) for Mobile Banking that I use for Online Banking?

Yes, but for security purposes we encourage our customers to have separate login IDs and passwords for Mobile Banking and Online Banking.


Can I change my Mobile Banking Login ID Username?

Yes. Login to Online Banking, select Mobile Banking, select Change Login Details, enter new Username and Save.


Can joint account holders both use Mobile Banking?

Yes, but each account holder must have a separate Online Banking login and Mobile Banking enrollment. Only one mobile phone number can be registered per Security State Bank Online Banking account.


I lost my phone or my phone was stolen. What should I do? 

  • During business hours, contact Security State Bank’s Customer Care Center at 800.242.2036.
  • You can Disable Mobile Banking by logging in to Online Banking > Mobile Banking > and then select Disable Mobile Access.


Is my Mobile Banking account information stored on my phone?

No.  If you use SMS Text Messaging, you should delete texts often.  If you use the web browser, you should clear web browser history periodically. 


How do I change my mobile phone number for Mobile Banking?

Login to Online Banking > Mobile Banking > select Change Login Details > change Mobile Phone Number > Save.


Can I cancel Mobile Banking at any time?

Yes. Login in to Online Banking > Mobile Banking > select Un-enroll and follow the steps.  If using SMS Text Messaging, text Stop.





How do I get started with Security State Bank’s Mobile App?

Personal account customers of Security State Bank may use our Mobile App. Customers must have Online Banking and be enrolled in Mobile Banking.  Then locate the App on the iPhone or iPad or in Google Play stores and install.


Which Username and Password do I use to login to the App?

Use the Username and Password you created when enrolling in Mobile Banking using your Online Banking account.


Can I pay bills through the Mobile App?

Yes, you can make payments to Payees that have already been set up in your Online Banking Bill Pay. For security purposes, to add payees, cancel or change a scheduled payment, or to receive or view e-bills, you will need to use your Online Banking account.


Can I view my e-statements using the Mobile App?

No, e-Statements can be viewed in Online Banking.


Can I view my Security State Bank Credit Card information on the Mobile App?

No, Security State Bank Credit Card information can be viewed using your Online Banking account.





Where can I find the Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions Addendum?

This can be viewed in Online Banking > Mobile Banking > View Mobile Disclaimer.

The Disclaimer can also be found at under Disclosures.


What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC) is a feature of our Mobile Banking App that allows a customer to deposit checks remotely into their Security State Bank checking or MMDA account.


Who can use Mobile Deposit?

To use Mobile Deposit services, you must be an owner either individually or jointly of a Security State Bank deposit account that is eligible for this service.


Are there guidelines to follow when submitting a check for Mobile Deposit?

Yes. Please see our Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions Addendum.


What types of checks or items can I deposit via Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit only checks as that term is defined in Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC (“Reg CC”).

The following items are ineligible for deposit:

    • Items payable or negotiated to any person or entity other than you.
    • Items that have already been paid or negotiated.
    • Items that are payable jointly, unless deposited into an account in the name of all payees.
    • Items on which a stop payment has been issued or for which there are insufficient funds.
    • Items converted to a “substitute check” as defined in Regulation CC.
    • Items that are not dated.
    • Items that are “postdated”.
    • Items that are stamped “nonnegotiable”.
    • Items dated more than six (6) months prior to the date of deposit.
    • Items containing obvious alteration to any of the fields on the front of the check or items which you know or suspect, or should have known or suspect, are fraudulent or otherwise not authorized by the owner of the account on which the check or item is drawn.
    • Items drawn on a financial institution located outside the United States.
    • Items not payable in United States currency.
    • Items otherwise prohibited from our current procedures related to the Services or deposit services in general or which are otherwise not acceptable under the terms of your Important Information about Deposit Account Terms and Conditions with us.
    • Any third party item, i.e. any item that is made payable to another party and then endorsed to you by such party.
    • Items that are drawn on the same account in which the deposit is being made.

Any image of a check that you transmit to us must accurately and legibly provide all of the information on the front and back of the check presented.

All mobile deposits are subject to review.


Is there a daily or monthly limit on the number of checks I can deposit into my checking account? What are the daily and monthly Mobile Deposit limits?

  • $1,500 per deposit
  • Only 1 item per deposit
  • Daily limits: Maximum of 5 items and/or $2,000 per day
  • Monthly limits: Maximum of 25 items and/or $5,000 per month

You may be eligible to increase your limits.  Please contact Security State Bank.


Is there a cutoff time for mobile deposit?

Deposits made before 4 p.m. Pacific time on a business day that have been received and accepted by the bank will be considered deposited that business day. If a deposit is received by us after 4 p.m. Pacific time on a business day or if received on a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday, it will be processed the next business day.


Once I make a mobile deposit, when will my funds be available?

In general, funds from mobile deposits made before 4 p.m. Pacific time on a business day will be available for withdrawal on the next business day, unless a hold is applied. The deposited funds will not show in your account balance until the next business day.


After I make a Mobile Deposit, what should i do with the check?

  • Write Electronically Presented at top of the check.
  • Securely store check for 60 days after transmission.
  • After 60 days, mark the item as “Void” or properly dispose of the item.


How can I be sure my mobile deposit was successful?

  • The deposit will not show in Pending Transactions. To see the status of the deposit using your Mobile App, select Deposit from the menu, then Deposit History. Transmitted means the deposit was received by the bank.
  • If your deposit was made prior to 4 p.m. Pacific time on a business day, you will see the deposit in your Account Balances information the next business day (unless a hold is placed on the funds).
  • You will be notified by email* and a mailed notice if, upon review, the bank places a hold on the funds or if the deposit is rejected for any reason. *We will use the email address on file for your Online Banking account, so please keep this information current.


Why am I not able to make a mobile deposit to my account?

This could result from a variety of circumstances. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 800-242-2036 for assistance.




When I transfer funds using Mobile Banking, when is the transfer processed? 

If you make the transfer prior to 5 p.m. Pacific time on a business day it will be processed that business day.  If you make a transfer after 5 p.m. Pacific time or on a non-business day, it will be processed the next business day.


Can I make a Mobile transfer to anyone or to any other financial institution?

Transfers can only be made between Security State Bank accounts that you have access to in your Online Banking.



What is SMS Text Banking?

Banking that is done on a mobile device capable of sending and receiving text messages. With SMS Text Banking, you can view account balances, view transactions, and transfer funds.


Can I pay bills with SMS Text Banking?

No, Bill Pay is not available with SMS Text Banking.


Is there a list of available SMS Text Banking commands?

You can access this information by texting HELPALL to 469228.


Is there a charge by Security State Bank to use SMS Text Banking?

No, but check your wireless carrier as message and data rates may apply.