09/14/2017: New rule allows for faster processing of debits. >>Read More

Same Day ACH Debits Start September 15th

In today’s world, all payments are moving faster, from same-day to real-time.  This means money is moving into and out of bank accounts faster than ever before.

Security State Bank would like our customers to know that effective September 15, 2017, a new federal rule allowing for faster processing of debits from your financial accounts (at Security State Bank and all other financial institutions) goes into effect. 

 This rule allows for certain electronic payments to post to your account the same day they are made.  This may include payments scheduled with businesses via website, telephone, or mobile app where you provide your account number, and checks given to merchants that are converted to an ACH item.  Previously, these debits could have taken as long as 1 to 2 days to process.

Customers should always have sufficient funds in their account to cover every payment they make, authorize, or initiate, and they should frequently review their account statements and transactions. Security State Bank offers convenient tools to manage and monitor your account balances, including 24-Hour Telephone Banking, Online Banking and our Mobile App.  For more information, visit any of our 11 branch locations or call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.242.2036.